Ranking on Google Search with Google Ads Vs SEO

Ranking on Google Search with Google Ads Vs SEO

Google Ads and SEO are comparatively different from each other. Then ranking on google to the top of the site is possible through both of these tools.

Every fraction of seconds people search for the information that they want on Google, these google ads and SEO helps to turn those visitors into valuable customers by displaying search results on Google sites. 

Google Ads works by placing ads on Google that correspond to the keywords you choose, and they will appear immediately at the top of search results based on your perspective keyword. 

SEO is a tool that brings your website top of the Google search organically which displays on next to google ads subsequently. 

In Google Ads, you have various options to show where your ads should display on top of google asserts. In SEO, you have to optimize your web pages individually to bring your site top of Google.


“What do Google Ads do?” for ranking your Website on google?

Google Ads helps you to advertise your business on online platforms. 

It will make it easy for people to understand the uniqueness of your business and bring your business to the masses. So customers can easily find what they are looking for?

When people search for something related to your business, your business will appear at the top of Google search.

Use Google Ads to Benefit Your Business From Your Goals

Google ads help you get more internet visits, and phone calls or increase your store visits. It’s based on the result, what do you want? You can bid on it.

I hope you now understand the basics of Google Ads. Let’s see in detail

Google Ads/Digital Advertising Solution

This advertisement is fully based on keywords. It displays on the search engine when the user uses those keywords, what you have to do is, find the keyword that is more familiar to your business and users use it several times. 

It helps to target the users who are interested in searching for specific headlines and gains the visibility of your page. Only you have to pay per click once a user clicks on your ads.

Three principles of google ads are based on relevancy, control, and results to grow your business.

Types of Google Ads campaign 

Advertising with Google initiates with creating a campaign with your business objectives. 

Following Campaigns determines where your ads will appear and the format in which how they are displayed. These campaigns help you to support your business objectives. Different campaign types are as follows

How Search Ads helps to improve your Rankings?

Eg., of Search Ads

Google Search ads appear in Google search results and on other Google affiliate sites such as YouTube when visitors search for similar businesses like yours.

Do visual ads generate more traffic?

Google Display ads appear on more than two million sites and apps that reach 90% of the people using the Internet sequence. Your ads will be relevant to your business or content that matches your customer’s interests. Use a Display campaign to increase exposure and then reach specific interested audiences across the Internet.

Will video ads increase my page audience?

Eg., of video Ads

With video ads, you can capture the right audience’s attention. Display your ads on their own or in other streaming video content across the network of websites and applications on YouTube and Google. Might here you can Pay when people choose to view your ad.

Will Shopping Apps help more customers to buy my products?

These ads appear next to search results in Google Shopping near text and responsive ads. It promotes your products by providing consumers with detailed information about what you are selling before choosing your ad recently.

App Ads would be useful to the business?

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'shopping ads'
Eg., of Shopping Ads

After a simple setup process, Apps Campaigns runs ads on thousands of mobile sites and apps on Google’s tremendous assets, including Search, Play, and YouTube.

To get more downloads, your ads, and auctions are adjusted automatically. Add a few lines of text, auctions, and some assets, and the rest are enhanced to help customers find you.

Through the Apps campaign, you can increase your engagement, app installations, and application activities such as signing up for a newsletter or ordering a product.

Before running a Google Ads campaign you must fix your goal by what the result you want from it.


SEO helps you to increase the visibility of your website on search engines to drive more relevant traffic. You can assure that the right visitors are viewing your content by regulating your content by friendly search simultaneously (it means the words/contents should be familiar to the users).

Ranking your site at the top of Google you should know how a google search engine works recently.

How does Google’s search engine rank sites on Google?

Introducing the three stages of Google Search namely Crawling, Indexing, and Serving Search results.

Crawling/Download your contents:

Google accesses the web pages instantly that exist on the web for its contents, images, and videos. Now, the Fetching process is done by the program known as Googlebot or bot or spider. 

Indexing/Analyzing your contents:

After crawling, Google tries to understand the contents of your web page and added to its listing this is called indexing. This stage includes processing, analyzing the contents, key tags, attributes, videos, etc., 

Serving Search Results/Final search results:

Currently, google shows the highly qualified relevant web page results to the users.


  • Bots don’t crawl if your sites are facing server problems like network issues or meanwhile if some other directives prevent google search. 
  • Indexing does not take place when your content quality is low if your robots’ meta directives don’t permit indexing or if your website design might make it difficult for indexing. 
  • Finally, if search results are satisfied with your webpage and indexing, search control will tell you that your page is not indexed, but prevent inappropriate content, poor quality content, or robot meta guides from serving.

Recently other updates are also there in both google ads and SEO like bidding based on location, metadata, robot.txt, etc. We help to serve better earlier and bring your business to the next level by using Google ads or SEO.

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Ranking on Google

We help you get your site listing in the Google search engine and improve your site ranking on Google.

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